Vegetable Plots, Borders, Mulching and Rockeries

If you have commissioned one of our beautiful planting plans rest assured we can also prepare the ground fully and plant up the borders, bringing your whole garden to life.

Mulching borders with gravels or bark assists in highlighting plants, and blends the soft landscaping seamlessly with the paving features.

A wide range of gravels including Cotswold Gravel, Forest of Dean, Plum Slate, ARC chippings, Golden Flint, Scottish Pebbles, Moon Stone etc. means there is something for everyone.

Why stop there, unfairly considered as unfashionable we think there is still a place for a rockery or at the very least a few rocks positioned carefully amid planting to act as focal points of interest, enhanced further with delightful alpines.

We have access to Sandstone, Yorkstone, Granite, Weathered Limestone, Cornish Slate etc to create that little corner you have always dreamed of.