Synthetic Grass

For the perfect lawn everyday, artificial turf has been developed and improved beyond recognition. These days the quality, look and feel of synthetic turf mirrors that of the real thing.

Compared to real turf, artificial grass is more durable, it stays in perfect condition and does not require the level of maintenance real grass does.

As life becomes more busy, artificial turf becomes a lifestyle choice - suited to areas where natural grass doesn't grow; areas with high wear and tear, dogs runs, roof gardens etc. So if you want the perfect lawn but without the hassle, then synthetic turf really is for you.

  • Classic 20mm depth Ideal usage: play areas, light football.
  • Regency 30mm depth Ideal usage: landscaping, gardens, terraces.
  • Royale 20mm depth Ideal usage: multipurpose grass for decking, patios & concrete areas.
  • Luxury 35mm depth Ideal usage: landscaping, gardens, terraces.
  • Free of lead and Cadmium
  • Clean & safe
  • No mowing
  • UV ray stable
  • Durable
  • No bare patches
  • Non-slip
  • Low maintenance
  • No mud
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Can be laid on any surface
  • Weed free