Pests and Diseases

The best defence against pests and diseases is to ensure that the balance of the eco-system is not being disturbed. Where possible we try to warn people away from chemical control of mini beasts such as vine weevils, caterpillars, slugs and snails; after all they are the bottom tier of a food chain, providing precious food source for birds, small mammals and amphibians.

We recommend people grow the healthiest plants possible and lots of them which means they will be less vulnerable and with a larger supply of food source, individual plants are less likely to be singled out for attack.

The key to healthy plants lies largely in strong root systems achieved by good growing conditions (see soil analysis), correct plant selection for the location (sunlight levels, wind exposure, etc) and then protection against extremes of weather where possible (fleece lining, cloches etc).

Fungal diseases such as rose black spot are a real problem and you may be left with no option but a chemical treatment as organic solutions are ineffective, once we identify the problem we will talk you through the various treatment available organic or chemical and allow our client to pick the solution for their garden.

Do your plants have enough Iron and Nitrogen?